Wednesday, June 17, 2009

mustard greens anyone?

yep we've been eating A LOT of mustard greens lately. i planted them in 2 containers and i swear its like a Mary Poppins bag, never ending. i have never eaten them before, they are a very refreshing change from the tiring mesclun mix available in groceries stores. But alas, i think they have to come out by their roots soon, one last feast (need to look up few recipes, i think you can saute it) and on to the next, a seeding of green lights swiss chard, a mini variety.

ah french breakfast radish, they look ready, its been a long while since i've grown radishes, let alone eat them. think i will wait til the weekend and pick a few choice looking ones, with a bit of salt or dip, yum. funny, i look at bunches of radishes in the grocer or at the market but never think of buying them, and i can't say that i've seen other people reach for them either, i do like to look at what people buy...bit of grocery cart snoop i guess.
there's something about growing your own food, it just seems to taste better.


Maria said...

yes it does & it is so cool to step out your door & pick something. Your garden looks yummy, looking forward to keeping up with how it goes
Also just the act of caring for it & knowing where it started from, kind of like a proud momma

Theresa/ said...

Your mustard greens look lovely! Not a snail bit in sight! I always get slugs and snails in my salad greens. It is a constant battle. This year, I planted more in pots and that helped quite a bit.

Enjoy your feast!

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