Thursday, June 18, 2009

the dirt on blogging

landscape archictecture magazine 6/2009 issue - a good read this month...

i know some people think blogging is a waste of time, don't see the point, too busy, etc etc etc.
part of the courage i get to continue the pursuit of landscape design definitely comes because of the blog sphere i've recently jumped into. of course i get lots of love and support from the people who are closest to me however, i find i'm fueled and able to gain great knowledge by reading about others who live, gardening, design, sustainable living, handmade, home cooked life and all the other ideas, values, and great pictures! that may come along with that. being surrounded by like minds is important to challenge and affirm. yeah sure, some the blogs i read, well have nothing related to any of those things but i appreciate the glimpse into the joys, sorrows, simple days, pursuits, thoughts or just funny stories that are put out there.
it also allows respite from the 9-5 world we may live in that may not necessarily be inspiring our souls but allow us to fund the passions that we do blog about. how blissful is it for those of you who have achieved the live, blog, work, live life!
i guess this is partially why i call it notebook, an online version that helps me live, embrace and move with the core parts that well make me, me. and to the blogs, people out there who do the same thank you for taking the time to share part of you!

It's never too late to be who you might have been.
George Eliot


Maria said...

I feel blogging has truly expanded me, not just from what I've learned from others, but it's been kind of cleansing for me to write, I tend to think too much & through writing it's out there & out of my head so that I can pursue more living.
BTW on the topic of gardening & sustainability have you read any on permaculture, it has definitely become an obsession for me. If you come across any permaculture blogs let me know, I'm looking for them.

farmgirl said...

I for one am glad you blog; I find much to admire in your postings, wisdom and comfort. Always good to visit here. Cheers to you!

Beegirl said...

Just found your blog and it's lovely. Thanks for following the "Burbs".. This is such a wonderful post. Happy Blogging..!!

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