Thursday, January 15, 2009

the 'REAL' notebook

This is my 'real' notebook. I received it as a gift and think it represents me quite well. I've just gotten into this blogging thing but I've always kept some kind of notebook. I have been passionately following and finding many of your blogs for quite sometime now, learning and yearning, so many of you are...well just stellar! I am trying to figure out how to share comments, (I've been shy) add your links, get the ';amp' for ampersand out of my sign name, stop changing the layout and colours, so addictive! and just share in this great experience called blogging, my online notebook.
I call it my notebook rather than a journal because I like to 'write' everything in it, grocery lists, recipes, observations, quotes, happenings, doodles, random thoughts, my never ending 'wanna read' book lists, tape and glue pictures, ticket stubs, Popsicle sticks, my never ending ideas, wishes, whatever and anything. I love to feel the pen, marker or even a crayon skim across the page as it makes wonderful shapes and letters that transform themselves into words and images, memories held for all time.
When I look back at my notebooks its always a journey, who was that person, why did I write that down, oh my gosh I forgot that happened, or why the heck did I tear that picture out of a magazine and save it, yuck! But what I really see are threads, threads of who I am when I think I don't know me, threads that weave through from one chapter to another, family, friends, the animals in my life, plants planted, values, dreams, what is true and what is important, a life, my life and the lives around me.


Andrea said...

Love so true! :)

Heavy Petal said...

Welcome to the blogosphere and thanks for leading me to your blog.

I've kind of abandoned my paper journals in the past few years but I do miss them.

Good luck in school!

b&g girl said...


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