Wednesday, January 14, 2009

landscape design

Starting class tonight! I decided to start taking classes in an area(s) that interest me, for once with no end goal, no real plan, no career growth, that's what I say out loud anyway! And this program is not at all related to what I do in my current 8-6 and sometimes checking in at 9 p.m. bberry always on and weekends too job. I enrolled in a Landscape Design program, this is the 3rd course I've taken in the program so far, I completed both Horticulture I and Plants I in Dec. Plants I was really all trees, 72 in total and no 'plants' but an extremely interesting albeit tough course.
Well I'm really excited about this one, tonight's course is Graphic Fundamentals, old school drawing, planning and design. In the previous courses I just loved the teachers and people they were all so passionate, it's contagious.
Well, I really hope I like this one and what I really hope is that 'it' likes me!

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erinn said...

good luck with your new class. That is so exciting.

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