Monday, January 19, 2009

winter whimsy

Winter inspiration for your garden?
Landscape Architecture featured this design called HtO, with the bright yellow umbrella's in their 12/2008 issue, the design was meant to bring people the water's edge, mission accomplished. In the summer its pretty popular needless to say, planted only with glistening bronzed bodies! When snow blankets the sand that lies beneath not much draws people to the water's edge but how can it not? The bright sassy umbrellas are surely just toying with us on a grey January day, daring someone, anyone to pull out a beach blanket throw it down and revel in the glory of the moment, what kid wouldn't think that was the bestest and silliest thing ever to do! The canoes stacked liked candy sticks in an old fashioned candy store, cotton candy, lemon and cherry soo yummy! The picnic tables iced with snow and the trees strung with their party lights patiently waiting for the band to start playing.
Winter is a wonderland.

1 comment:

Andrea said...

Great full of colour and imagery! Took me back to summers at QQ (in a good way ;)). Love the photos, too.

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