Monday, December 22, 2008


Coal LOVES the snow, he's a lab and of course loves the water too but he's different in the winter. He buries himself in it, he stands and absorbs it, he feels it all over. My husband mostly walks him now, I got out of the rhythm being away while caring for my Father and can't seem to find 'my' rhythm again.
When I look at these pictures at this time of year, I see joy, pure and simple. I look at these pictures and I crave what he feels, I miss being a part of it. I need to be a part of it again.
I want to get back to JOY, but starting is the hard part.


Andrea said...

Love this post!!! I hope you find your rhythm again in '09...and I know your friend gets just as much joy from your friendship too. ;)

b&g girl said...

thanks for that, I needed that! thank goodness for friends!

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