Tuesday, December 23, 2008


My good friend gave me this. It brought me joy, it warmed my heart. Its handmade including the picture taken by her and a quote from the book 'Edge Seasons' by Beth Powning. Its a lyrical read of her mid life, of everyday life.
I am finding Christmas this year... well, difficult. Not only because its the first Christmas without my Dad here but because one is not often given a heart and soul thougthtful type of gift. We give and get gift cerificates, a lot, from what I can see. Why, because most of us have more than we need and most of us can't figure what the heck to get for someone anymore. I've been thinking a lot about gift giving this year, although these times are 'challenging' I just heard on the news that sales are yet again exceending the previous year, yet charitable donations are down, go figure. Next year I think I may politely ask and that I'd be happy if a donation was made to a charity or cause personal to me.
The gift from my friend wasn't the true gift in my eyes her friendship is the true gift, one that brings me much joy and I am truly thankful to her for that.

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Andrea said...

Thanks lady....you and I are on a search for true joy in 2009...and I think we are going to find it. :)

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