Friday, May 29, 2009

delecatable elixir

a week's vacation, back to work, travel for work and boom its the weekend again.

i had a STELLAR vacation. all i did was garden. garden at our place, then my Mom's and back to our place.
may 15th was a year ago that my Dad died, i was a little stressed about it. a year is an arbitrary date that seems to be set after a tragic even in which, apparently, most people have told me 'you will start to feel better'. i am not sure about that but ...i celebrated by doing what my Father loved to do, which was garden. part of that was planting a vegetable garden, his real passion was being a farmer on that family farm he grew up on. i loved it when he talked about 'the farm'.
in the mini raised bed is corn, sweet of course, valencia orange tomatoes, basil, french breakfast radish, mini carrots and a few giant vanilla marigolds started from seed, for pest control. although the sugar maple towering above was trimmed last year, i'm still not sure we'll get enough sun for the veggies especially for the corn but we'll see and it sure is fun to try!

ah now the pots (these are only a few, i might have mentioned before i have a bit of a pot obsession) there are mustard greens, tender swiss chard, rosemary, oregano, lime mint, peppery cress and edible flowers like nasturtium, YUM!

gardening is for me a delecatable elixir, physically, emotionally, it excites ALL my senses, makes me feel completely a part of the natural world, but most of all it connects me firmly with my Dad and with that softens the deep deep sorrow of missing him.


Maria said...

the 1 year anniversary of my mom's passing seemed the hardest time for me. so good you have such fond memories and a strong connection still with your dad

Andrea said...

love the connection you have with your father through the earth (through gardening) moves me. a year is arbitrary...but moments, memories, connections...these are not. And they are what last. i was thinking of you...and your dad. :)

Butler and Bagman said...

Touching post...I like it and in some ways I envy your enjoyment of gardening. My wife has it. She tries to inspire me with a love of gardening by getting me to haul dirt, dig homes, pull roots,and sweating to dig up things that I still remember sweating to plant. Then when my body and patience is totally exhausted, she says, "What a perfect day." I say...well, it doesn't matter what I say because I'm smart enough not to say it outloud. Maybe it would help if I memorized your blog and used it as mantra.

Butler and Bagman said...

By the way, I saw the link to your old juggling post and enjoyed it but could not leave a comment ... I guess the statute of limitations had run out...I enjoyed the words but loved the picture, having learned the 3-ball juggle myself...I could even figure out which direction the balls were going. An important skill. In fact, I'm inspired to do some juggling this morning except I think I'm scheduled to partake of the digging holes elixer all day.

Bren said...

Loving the herb photo.... great arrangement. Can't wait to return to see what you do with the herbs.
Please stop by my blog sometime. I am a big herb fan too.

Happy Spring - Keep enjoying life!

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