Friday, May 1, 2009

anti lawn evolution

yep, that's right i don't care about our grass, there i said it.
last year we spread some eco lawn seed to help rejuvinate our little space, roughly 6 feet wide and 15-20 feet long, shared with our neighbour straddled by a big ol'tree. it helped and is lovely, but i needed more, no mono lawn for us went the crocus which have come and gone, but their grassy striped leaves look amazing especially with a breeze blowing. the snowdrops & grape hyacinths are just popping up and the short blooming tulips with the sharp curly leaves are on the brink. last year a johnny jump up decided to make its home here somehow knowing its an anti lawn and decided to thankfully reseed itself, i can only hope for more. yesterday the white dutch clover seeds were scattered just before the rain and last weekend cash was thrown down for woolly and minus thyme after attending a ground cover lawn seminar at richters herb farm. lucky things are hardening off waiting to be planted.
its going to be busting at the seams and i hope looking like a magic woven carpet full of texture, colour and smell this year. though i LOVE using our push mower it may have less and less to do. i would love to say i have a plan particularily since taking the landscape design courses, adding more structure to the little space would help, the random flower bed in front doesn't quite do it for me but for now its all about the plant life, simple as that.
anyway my main contactor (the husband) will be busy with the backyard redesign projects :)

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