Tuesday, February 3, 2009

silent spring

I've never read the book Silent Spring by Rachel Carson...are common birds going the way of the Dodo, extinct?

In a previous post I asked the question 'were are the birds?', and in this issue of Canadian Gardening magazine I got the shocking the answer…
The North American Audubon Society reports, quite some time ago,
a decline on average of 68% of common birds, yes common birds, not over the course of a 100 years but, in the past 20, 30 or 40 years, our lifetime right here right now. The article states that in U.K. the common sparrow is now on the endangered list, what!? Shocking really to say the least, basic needs that’s all they require, not cars, not the latest and greatest or funky cool gadgets, or 4 home depots and wal*marts all 10 minutes from our house in any direction.

Most agree that even the smallest of urban lots (just like mine) can provide all these little creatures need;
Little spaces to touch down on, shrubs and trees
Food, especially in the spring when the pick’ins are slim, I have never tallied my spend on bird seed but would hazard to guess that's its less than I spend on coffee.
Shelter and a place to nest, quite simply a home
hmm, amazing how trees & shrubs can easily accomplish all of the above in one fell swoop if need be
And of course water to drink and bathe in
Maybe in my garden it could be as simple as changing the seed, to lure them back to help them flourish.

Most of us who garden easily provide habitats, knowingly and unknowingly, for many creatures. The natural world is the sum of its parts meant to work in whole we see it everytime we're in the garden, a lovely relationship and in my relationship it includes the birds and yes even the odd squirrel!

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