Thursday, January 22, 2009

snow horse

Magic, it was pure and simple magic. Made of snow ....yet, so completely and utterly alive to me, hours fully engrossed in world created by this magnificent creature.
A creature of this kind required a special kind devotion, one that only a child could lovingly give. Mounds and mounds of snow hay and icicle carrots gathered then offered to this mythical beast, they were piled high around him to ensure a full belly and a frisky heart. Climbing upon his back, your small body would have to work with all your mighty might to steady his eagerness for what was to come or he would surely bolt. Once in the saddle all it took was a quiet whisper, so soft, so low, imagination that poured so naturally into your words 'now run, run! faster, faster over the clouds and to the stars!' the wind on your face, the sun glistening on his gloriously snowy mane, your cheeks blush pink with joy on those crisp winter days. All this joy from an equine god that seemed to just erupt from the earth out of the piles of snow that fell from the skies...
what feeling, what an adventure, what a memory,

These creatures were made oh so lovingly by my Dad, he had an irrepressible need to create, to imagine, in snow, in wood, in metal and in the earth in the form of a garden.


hayseed said...

what amazing snow creatures-now I will have to try that sometime! (if the snow is ever sticky)!

Maria said...

How cool, a snow horse, and so beautifully written. What a lovely memory of your dad

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